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Our Mission – The Wedding Ring Blog was created in May 2008 to help you in your quest to find the perfect wedding ring. Providing you with information and offering links to explain all the different types of wedding bands and offer tips on how to pick the perfect stone.

We also like to share pointers from around the web that validate, offer guidance or provide a new fresh perspective to our blog, in order to give you a wide range of expertise for this very special occasion.

We love to hear from our audience! We hope you share with us your experiences and stories so that we can reminisce, laugh and enjoy your special day together!

All we ask is that you send us an email, give us your feedback on how we can make our blog better for you. We appreciate all those who have been following us and make sure you continue to do so. Remember to go to our Facebook page and to follow us on Twitter.

About You – Engaged ? When? How did it happen? Was it a surprise? Wedding Date? Be as general or specific as you want to be… Not sure? Just dreaming or have it all booked and paid for already?

Let this be your forum to soak up as much information as we can offer, offer as much inspiration as we can dream and a place to throw caution to the wind and tell everyone exactly what you want!

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