Gold Rings And Titanium Rings

yellow gold ringGold is a metal that has appreciated in value throughout the history of mankind. It is hardly surprising that price of gold has more than tripled in last decade making it the best investments.

While the diamond is considered the “best friend” for women, gold is somewhat unisex. Usage of diamond among men is primarily limited within rings but you can find broader usage of gold for both sexes.

Moreover, it is the best gift to be given, on any occasion, be it a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or even business accomplishments. It is a gift that has value; both in terms of sentiment and investment.

Gold symbolizes the best, and to prove it let us cite an example of what winners get, after giving their best in their respective fields. Be it Hilary Swank winning best actress award by Oscar, which is a trophy made by gold, or Michael Phelps who has 18 Olympic gold medals in his account, gold is a symbol of accomplishment. And can we forget the proud moment, when United States, by the aid of 44 gold medals, became the winner in 2012 Olympics?

Gold is unique, it is special and that’s why last month in my best friend’s wedding, when I thought of giving him a gift he can treasure his whole life, gold was the first thing to strike my mind.

As his best man I was not only supposed to give a speech in his wedding ceremony, but also to help him finding the perfect gift for the bride. Looking for gold jewelry online, we happened to visit gold chains from GoldenMine and from there we ordered a beautiful gold chain necklace for the bride as a gift by him.

And for my gift to the couple I brought them a 14kt two-tone matching heart men’s wedding bands set.

Titanium Wedding Rings

Whether a wedding ring is made from titanium, tungsten or a precious metal such as platinum, palladium or gold, nearly all wedding rings will show signs of wear-and-tear over time. Look at the picture above.

That is a titanium wedding ring, and many websites position titanium wedding rings as being very strong or indestructible. And for the most part, titanium is a very durable metal; they make ships out of titanium.

But if you take a closer look, you can see nicks and chips that you would see in a precious metal band as well. The main difference is that titanium can not be easily sized or refinished, while platinum, palladium and gold can.

Bottom line – if you are concerned about your wedding ring showing signs of wear and tear, then make the investment in a precious metal. Platinum and palladium can be refinished to look like new with losing much metal mass. And while I fully see why titanium and tungsten are popular with men due to their price, but a precious metal ring – which has value – might be the way to go.