Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

Silver Bracelets

silver braceletsNow that Ground Hog’s Day has passed, the next important holiday on the calendar is the most romantic holiday of all – Valentine’s Day. Men and women alike are looking for great Valentine’s Day Gifts, and I found a few great jewelry designs from an online retailer.

Here’s a sterling silver and sodalite gemstone bracelet available at Sam’s Club. Surrounded by hammered sterling silver, these royally deep blue sodalite stones show true beauty in this stylish link bracelet.

This hand-crafted sterling silver bracelet is also rhodium-plated for a lasting shine, and is approximately 7 ½ inches in length, and sells online for $97.00 (BUY NOW).

If you are looking for a classic look, then here’s a great sterling silver love-knot bracelet that is also hand-created in sterling silver with gold accents. The diamond adds just a little luxury and class without going overboard.

You really can never go wrong with a classic sterling silver bracelet like this one. A winner in my book! This sterling silver love-knot bracelet costs just $120.00 (BUY NOW), and looks like it comes from a very high-end retailer.

RumbaTime Greenwich Watches.

What times is it? Well, it’s RumbaTime! Not since my original Swatch (from 1985 – no less!) have I found a watch that is this fun and affordable.

RumbaTime watches are designed to be comfortable, water-resistant and durable, which is important if you are looking for a watch that you can show off while on the go, yet not have to worry about its wear and tear. RumbaTime watches can be worn one at a time or in a stacked fashion.

I also like the variety of bright colors; usually watches that I am drawn to are available in black, brown or metallic colors. Weighing only 25 grams, RumbaTime’s Greenwich watches (pictured above – retailing for around $35) are very lightweight and possess analog movement. Fashion can really be affordable!

Are you looking to brighten your mood? Or need some serenity after a long day. Each available shade has an associated color therapy attribute as well:

* Yellow = uplifting
* Red = excitement
* Blue = tranquility
* Green = restorative
* Black = protective
* White = cleansing
* Pink = affection

So say “good-bye” to that boring conservative watch around your wrist (at least for the time being), and say “hello” to RumbaTime!

Visit the RumbaTime watch website to see all of their available collections – some of which start at $25 or less. You can also LIKE RumbaTime on Facebook.