Jewelry Made in America

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Three years ago, American wedding band manufacturer Novell Design Studio, in cooperation with jewelry industry publication The Jewelry Book, began promoting a new movement which supported American manufacturing – Jewelry Made in America.

However, while many manufacturers and designers were willing to participate, the idea failed to pick up much stream in the mainstream press. Hundreds of inquiries were sent out to bloggers, writers and editors, but only a few decided to report the story. The timing may have just not be right.

Yet today, the future of jewelry that is made in America is still at a critical juncture! It is through the re-launching of the Jewelry Made in America initiative that Americans can help ensure the continuation of the fine history of American design, craftsmanship, and service that could make America a leader in the jewelry industry worldwide for generation after generation.

The Wedding Ring Blog is now making strides towards promoting Jewelry Made in America to a mainstream jewelry buying audience. The bridal blog will be making daily posts about the subject, and be actively promoting the concept with regular press releases, partnerships with up-and-coming designs, social media, as well as with search engine optimization techniques. Independent American jewelry designers are encouraged to contact The Wedding Ring Blog for more information.

During these challenging economic times, many companies have turned to relying on importing products fabricated from overseas vendors simply to lower their cost. In the process they have often sacrificed quality and service.

The jewelry industry’s stronger customers – the national chain stores and larger independent jewelers – are ultimately paying for imported finished product, foreign customer service and sometimes often costly delays.

There is a need for those in the American jewelry industry to unite in one voice promoting the pride and craftsmanship of the American jewelry manufacturer. Although jewelry is generally thought of as being strictly a luxury item, approximately 2.2 million American couples* need wedding bands and other bridal-related jewelry each year.

Buying jewelry that is made in America can help bridge the gap to the stronger economic times that are down the road. However, keep in mind that the phrase “made in America” alone is not enough of a deciding factor.

Creators of fine jewelry like Kay Jewelers and Zales need to reach new levels of standards and the definition of “made in America” really should be that buying an American made product means buying quality domestic-made items.

Why is Made in America Important?

During the month of October 2011, the Google Adwords keyword tool shows that over 300,000 Internet searchers looked for information pertaining to the keywords “made in America.” An additional 11 million domestic consumers searched for the term “jewelry.”

However, there currently is a little relevant or real information pertaining to jewelry that is made in America. This actually presents an opportunity for companies to create a new category to help gain advantage against other competitors that can not say that their goods are American made.

With so much information clogging the Internet, publications and airwaves, the Jewelry Made in America initiative can make a manufacturer or designer stand out from others in the same category. It is, in fact, an additional and often overlooked selling point.